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The 5 Pillars of PSD2

What is PSD2?

The Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD 2, Directive (EU) 2015/2366) is an EU Directive, replacing the Payment Services Directive (PSD, Directive 2007/64/EC) administered by the European Commission (Directorate General Internal Market) to regulate payment services and payment service providers throughout the European Union (EU) and European Economic Area (EEA).

What is the aim of PSD2?

PSD2 has the aim to promote the innovation and the development of an efficient, secure and competitive internal payment services market, increasing payment services user protection and electronic payment services safety.

Which are the innovations introduced by PSD2?

PSD2 creates new type of services, provided by Third Parties, in the payment services framework: Payment Initiation Services, Account information Services and Confirmation on the Availability of Funds Service.

Which are the new possibilities granted to consumers?

The consumers will have the possibility to access to new payment services offered by Third Parties, allowing them to initiate payments, get information on their bank accounts and use new payment instruments in a smarter way.

...and the customer safety?

Customer safety is the first concern for PSD2 Directive. To protect customer, the Regulator provides that the PSU must choose which Third Party allow to access to his accounts and how long it can access his data, by submitting his consent through a second factor authentication every time it should be required for the safety of his identity and properties.

Banca Mediolanum Developer Portal: how it works!

What is the Developer Portal?

It’s the Banca Mediolanum Open Banking workplace where you can test the APIs we have implemented. Through the exposure of this Portal we want to allow Third Parties to integrate their applications with our open banking functionalities.

How can I access API Gateway XS2A PSD2?

At the moment you can only access to the testing facility (sandbox). You have simply to register here.

Is Banca Mediolanum aligned with any market standard?

Our PSD2 APIs are developed following the standard NextGenPSD2 XS2A v1.3, implemented by the Berlin Group and published on 19 October 2018. here you can find more information about Berlin Group initiative.

How can I get started with Banca Mediolanum developer portal?

You can access to the portal here . Submit your registration and get the credentials to start using our APIs.

Where can I find the developer documentation?

Just click here .

Can a Third Party access to the PSD2 API testing facility without a valid electronic certificate issued by a Certification Authority?

Yes. You can start here and get your Banca Mediolanum Open API account to use our testing environment.

Which are the APIs implemented on Banca Mediolanum testing facility?

You can find the full catalogue of the APIs we have implemented here.

Where can I find the test data?

To find out the test data you need to be registered on Banca Mediolanum Open Banking API Portal and get the full access to our documentation.

Which protocol is handled for authentication and authorization processes to access the APIs?

"The protocol we use in our APIs is the OAuth2 (Authorization Code Grant flow). The user has to login to a dedicated Banca Mediolanum page, shown during the OAuth1 flow, as requested by Redirection Oauth2 Authentication. Once logged-in in our Portal, you can find the customer credentials you can use to access the services."

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